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For the moment, behind this platform full of experimental posters are two passionate designers from Jordan - ︎Alaa tameem & ︎Tariq yosef, who are working hard to share their love of type and design into the world.
Henri Michaux was a highly idiosyncratic Belgian-born poet, writer, and painter. His body of work includes poetry, travelogues, and art criticism.

Michaux travelled widely, tried his hand at several careers, and experimented with psychedelic drugs, especially LSD and mescaline.

         01    Our Workshop

Learning Objectives

—Introductory understanding of the
relationship of design for print vs
other purposes.

—Expand the knowledge of layouting and composition typography posters, experiences and methods. Following the footsteps of graphic design pioneers in 50’s merging them with modern technology.

—Participants will learn how to find solutions in layouting their artworks using different techniques exploring the mathematical visual structure of grids and layouts.

—Learning new techniques that build upon each other to visualize your posters using Illustrator and Photoshop. The techniques will include Digital perspective and
Isometric Design.


The workshop is set up for graphic design students, professionals, and others interested in poster design. Up to 20 participants will
be accepted.

Delivery Format

The workshop consists of short lectures, group discussions experminting and critiques.
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