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Workshop 101 /
Layout & Composition Typography Posters

The workshop will take participants through the field of visual communi-cation. it’ll expand their knowledge of the filed through an exploration process in layouting and composition typography posters. Participants will
learn how to find solutions in lay-outing their artworks using different techniques.
It will expand participants under-standing of grid’s methods. the workshop is divided into two parts the mastery and the exploration of posters.
The knowledge and techniques that participants will gain can be applied to projects beyond poster design.
Learning Objectives

—Introductory understanding of the
relationship of design for print vs
other purposes.
—Expand the knowledge of layouting and composition typography posters, experiences and methods. Following the footsteps of graphic design pioneers in 50’s merging them with modern technology.
—Participants will learn how to find solutions in layouting their artworks using different techniques exploring the mathematical visual structure of grids and layouts.
—Learning new techniques that build upon each other to visualize your posters using Illustrator and Photoshop. The techniques will include Digital perspective and
Isometric Design.
Instructor / Alaa Tameem

Jordanian graphic designer based in Jeddah who specializes in branding. With eight years of experience. As a designer, I’m always hungry for more.
Cups of coffee became my best friend during sleepless nights when my inner creative comes out to experiment with type, layout, and
any sort of grid system.
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The workshop is set up for graphic design students, professionals, and others interested in poster design. Up to 20 participants will
be accepted.

Delivery Format

The workshop consists of short lectures, group discussions experminting and critiques.


Participants are responsible to bring their own laptops (running Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop).
Participants are expected to have basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Participants are required to produce 3 posters for a final group discussion.

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