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Alaa Tameem
Co-Founder/ Designer

Alaa Tameem is a designer and art director based in Jeddah and Amman. With a BA in Graphic Design from Yarmouk University, and two minors —one in Arabic Type Design from (ATDB) at the American University of Beirut, and a second in way-finding and signage design from the University of Arts London (UAL)— he has built a strong and singular portfolio in the Arabic world focused on branding and type design. Currently, he is the design director at Milk Network for ten years now and the founder of Zero Initiative project since 2017.

Combining the international legacy of modernists with his cultural heritage and background, Tameem's work is strongly focused on enriching Arabic design with a refreshed, systematized and pragmatic personal imprint. At a branding level, he has participated in the development of various brands in the region and His work received several awards including the CA Communication Arts Certificate of Typographic Excellence, Italy A’Design Award of Branding Iron Winner (2016) and 100 Best Arabic Posters (2016, 2018, 2020)

At a more experimental level, he has founded Zero Posters, a design initiative that aims to explore new techniques and styles of Arabic typography, as well as to update and expand Arabic design in the global internet milieu. In addition to being passionate about learning, Tameem is equally committed to helping others to learn. This is why, he is as well interested in education as a way of spreading design and creative knowledge in the Arab world. Since 2019, he has been giving design courses at the Foundation of Branding and Typography at Dar Al Hikmah University and, additionally, he has as well imparted poster design master classes at the Misk Foundation. Combining the local and the global, the traditional with the international, the theoretic and the practical, Tameem’s work is born at the intersection of both axes under one premise: timelessness.

Co-Founder/ Designer

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