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Workshop 101

Zero Workshop 101 will take participants through the field of visual communication. it’ll expand their knowledge of the filed through an exploration process in in layouting and composition typography posters. Participants will learn how to find solutions in layouting their artworks using different techniques. the workshop will expand participants understanding of grid’s methods.

the workshop is divided into two parts the mastery and the exploration of posters. The knowledge and techniques that participants will gain can be applied to projects beyond poster design.

[ورشة عمل تصميم ملصق] • جدة • ورشة عمل مقدمه من زيرو بوستر: علاء تميم
تاريخ الورشة: ٣٠،٣١يناير
من الساعة ٦:٠٠الى ١٠:٠٠مساء

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